【Product Name】gyphosate solution auxiliary
【Product details】

Product introduction
Gyphosate solution auxiliary is compounded from multiple kinds of nonionic surface active agents and other active ingredients. We provide 3 kinds of products. They are green, environmental friendly and efficient product.
Technical requirement
  at 25℃: yellow to brown liquid
Physical and chemical performance

Item Index
appearance colorless to yellow sticky liquid
solid content, %≥ 45.0±2.0
PH(1% aqueous solution) 7.0~10.0
density g/l(20℃) 1.050~1.160
compatibility up to standard

Packing, transportation and storage
Packing: should be packed with clean, non-corrosive and high-quality plastic container or metal container lined with plastic; moderate amount of interspace should be left and should be preserved in sealing condition
Transportation: be put upward and to avoid rainfall and sunlight
Storage: should be preserved in ventilated place under temperature among 0℃ and 45℃
Shelf life: no less than 1 year

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